Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Everywhere you look, you see and hear evidence of spring arriving. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the neighborhood kids are on their bikes. Homeowners are beginning to spend their weekends planting and mowing the grass. Spring brings an overall cheery and optimistic feel after the dreary days of winter. Cheery, that is, unless your neighborhood has been taken over by trash and debris. If you manage the streets or parking lot of a Home Owner’s Association, you know more people out and about means more litter. Not to mention the shedding pollen and debris in the streets after a storm! How will you manage to keep your streets clean for outdoor spring gatherings? All Care Sweeping, that’s how! We are ready to help you address the pressing needs of your HOA or neighborhood. Home sweet home will be truly sweet once again.

Litter Be Gone

The laughter of children on bicycles is wonderful. Neighbors chatting and going for walks is quaint. With people, however, comes litter. Maybe it starts as just one gum wrapper, but over time it grows to empty bottles and leftover paper bags. Spring is a great time to consider regularly scheduled parking lot sweeping, even if you do not require it in other months. The uptick in pedestrians calls for an uptick in cleaning efforts. Let us take that off your plate with parking lot sweeping!

Event Preparation

Spring is the time to come out of hibernation and gather outdoors. Your neighborhood may be hosting a barbeque, Egg Hunt, or a Yard Sale. Regardless of the reason for the gathering, you have a lot to consider when planning the event. A good HOA organizer will think of all the details. Have you thought of sweeping before and/or after your event? Sweeping before will keep trash from disrupting parking or the event itself. Sweeping after ensures your homeowners view events as a perk of living in your neighborhood, rather than a burden. Contact us today to discuss the best options for your event preparation.

Spring Storms Success

Spring storm clean up may not be what you think of when you think of parking lot sweeping. However high winds tend to leave a lot of yard waste in their wake. Homeowners will usually do the responsible thing and clean up large branches. However, you cannot expect them to pick up every last stick in the streets. When spring storms disrupt your plans for pristine neighborhood streets, your solution in All Care Sweeping. We will sweep your streets clean at a time that meets your HOA’s needs. When we are gone, you will be left with beautifully clean streets.

Maybe the general increase in litter is what is bothering you. Perhaps that upcoming HOA event is constantly on your mind. Possibly, you’ve given a lot of stress and thought to how best to prepare for Spring storms. No matter your HOA worry, All Care Sweeping has your solution. We will provide the sweeping services you need in the greater Kansas City Metro area. You can rest easy, knowing we will take care of everything.