Parking Lot and Sidewalk Sweeping

We take on the entire job of maintaining your commercial property

Property Managers and Owners have many challenges to contend with. One common challenge is providing a clean and attractive property while being vigilant of rising labor, maintenance and equipment costs.

At All Care Services, LLC, we take on the entire job of maintaining your commercial property. We provide customized, economical, curb-to-curb maintenance so you can rest easy – and wake up to beautiful parking lots and sidewalks.

There’s no need to buy your own equipment, budget for repairs or hunt for qualified labor. We’ve already taken care of it for you. Request a free quote today and learn how affordable our comprehensive parking lot and sidewalk sweeping programs can be.

Kanas City Parking Lot Sweeping - Photo of All Care Sweeping Truck

Improve the overall appearance of your business and make customers confident in their patronage

Clean Parking Lots

It is essential to maintain clean parking lots for aesthetic, environmental and economic reasons. Our highly experienced professionals will work with you to develop a sweeping plan that meets your maintenance goals, which may include:

Increasing Property Value

Reducing clogged Sewers and Storm Drains

Protecting the environment against stormwater pollution and fugitive dust

Improving your property’s appeal to customers and potential tenants

Extending the life of your asphalt

We also offer day porter services, pressure washing and parking lot striping for business owners looking to enhance their parking facilities even further. Request a quote today and find out how we can help you best present your business.

Wake up to Beautifully Swept Streets and Parking Lots

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