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We sweep while you sleep!

Keeping your parking lot clean helps attract customers and preserves the value of your property. An effective and consistent cleaning and maintenance program will add years to the life of your parking lot and dollars to your bottom line. All Care Sweeping has a complete night sweeping program as well as the equipment and experienced technicians to keep your lot looking its very best!!

Extend the life of your lot

Why should you have your lot swept regularly?

Don't wait! Contact us today for a no obligation quote to find out how we can 'sweep' away your lot maintenance problems - all while you sleep!



Well maintained entry areas, clean parking lots and litter free sidewalks present an image of professionalism and care in everything you do. Our full line of industry leading equipment and professional property technicians will help you gain the competitive edge - presenting your property in the best condition possible. Regular sweeping is undeniably the most important factor in the overall appearance of your property. Litter and debris can destroy the presentation of the parking, landscaping and lawn areas where you have invested time and money.

To help with your maintenance needs, in addition to sweeping we offer patron trash receptacle liner changing service and hand-picking of litter from grass, planters and other inaccessible perimeter areas is also available.

No two lots are the same

We use a customized approach to parking lot care to ensure that all of our projects are kept in tip top shape. All Care's property technicians teams clean large surface lot areas with state-of-the-art equipment and high-output blowers and vacuums for the difficult to clean areas. Find out how to start a customized maintenance plan for your lot!

Services Provided

Night Sweeping
Day Porter
Pressure Washing
Parking Lot Striping
Special Event/Seasonal

Kansas City's only NAPSA Certified Sweeping Company


North American Power Sweeping Association



Institute of Real Estate Management Kansas City Industry Partner


Our Team

Our Team

At All Care Sweeping, our team understands that the appearance of your property's entry areas, parking lots, sidewalks and landscaped areas present an image of professionalism and care in everything you do.

Kansas City's Parking Lot Pros

All Care Sweeping has a centrally located operational base that allows us to effeciently clean properties throughout the metropolitan Kansas City area. Our focus on customer service has allowed us to build a strong customer base in the metropolitan area with both small and large commercial properties. All Care Sweeping has a strong history in Kansas City - we have been keeping parking lots clean in the metro area for the past ten years.


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Connecting with All Care Sweeping is easy!! Even though many of our technicians are working hard while you sleep, our team is available during regular hours to assist you with "All" of your parking lot needs.

Our friendly service teams are available 24/7 and we always guarantee your satisfaction. We are locally owned and proudly serve the entire metropolitan Kansas City area.