Every Day Is Earth Day In The Sweeping Industry

Every Day Is Earth Day In The Sweeping Industry

We all welcome the month of April. Warmer weather and blooming plants are a pleasant change from the drab and cold of winter. April is a month of a few important observances as well. Earth Day is April 22nd.

Earth Day has special resonance in the power sweeping industry. Our regular sweeping activities have a measurable and observable positive impact on the local environment.

Paved surfaces such as parking lots and driveways are always collecting litter, trash and debris. This is terrible and unsightly enough, but it is really only the surface layer of a multifaceted issue. Your pavement also can contain hydrocarbon chemicals such as gas and oil, particulates, and other pollutants.

Without regular power sweeping, all of this litter, trash, debris, particles and hydrocarbons will find their way into local waterways through the storm sewer system every time it rains. Local waterways very often flow into larger waterways such as rivers that ultimately flow into our oceans.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new problem has arisen. Discarded PPE. Our sweeper operators are now finding a significant chunk of the litter removed from parking lots consists of masks, gloves, face shields, sanitizer wipes, and other personal protective gear.

In the power sweeping industry, we believe strongly that nothing but rain should go ever down a storm drain. For more information, contact All Care Sweeping today!