The Importance Of Regular Sweeping

The Importance Of Regular Sweeping

Have you traveled to an area that had dirty, debris covered roads? Have you ever pulled into a parking lot that was strewn with trash? Regardless of any visible natural beauty in the same area, you were no doubt fixated on the unsightly trash covering the pavement around you.

Sadly, there are municipalities and businesses that don’t realize the importance of clean paved surfaces. Regular sweeping certainly does keep streets and parking lots cleaner and more atractive. Sweeping also removes aggregates that left in place significantly shorten the useful life of the pavement, prolonging pavement life. Finally, sweeping reduces environmental hazards and safety hazards. At All Care Sweeping, we know clean pavement, and our operators strive to deliver the best experience on every visit.

Pavement Sweeping-What’s The Point?

What’s the point? The most basic function of pavement sweeping is that it helps keep your pavement cleaner, which also promotes better public health and safety. A debris-free paved surface ensures that residents, visitors, and clients are safer and reduce thes likelihood od damage to a vehicle. Keeping pavement clean is one most impactful, cost effective, and efficient ways to provide for long-term pavement durability and risk management. As an added bonus, clean pavement is more attractive! All Care Sweeping can make your paved surfaces safer as well as look better!

The Good Accomplished By Sweeping

There are several ways pavement sweeping has an overwhelmingly positive impact. Let’s look into those in more detail:

Personal Safety & Public Health

Trash and debris filled pavement is a real hazard. Vehicle operators, pedestrians, and cyclists could have to evasively manuever to avoid hitting debris, which can lead to accidents. Certain debris can be extremely dangerous-especially sharp objects like metal pieces, screws, or nails. These can damage vehicles as well as people.

As well as hazard reduction, street sweeping has additional health and safety benefits. Unsightly garbage also attracts pests such as bugs, rodents and raccoons. These pests pose a possible safety risk to humans and animals. All Care Sweeping can make your paved surfaces safer and more attractive.

Economic Impacts & Property Values

Remember our first question? We asked about being in a part of town with dirty pavement? That area almost certainly has diminished property values. Pavement that isn’t swept tends to reduce the value of property and local economies can suffer as a result. Obviously cleaning a dirty street isn’t an immediate fix for an eonomic downturn, but overt ime it will pay dividends in greater relocation interest from businesses and residents. In areas that already enjoy clean pavement, maintaining those high standards is a crucial step in keeping property values high. Keeping property values optimized through regular pavement maintenance is a part of our mission at All Care Sweeping.

Drainage and Stormwater

When unsightly trash and debris clogs up storm drains, the water cannot drain effectively, which can contribute to flash flooding. Pavement sweeping also helps the environment by removing trash and debris from that would otherwise be washed into storm drains and into local waterways, causing water pollution. Environmental concerns are important to us at All Care Sweeping.

Pavement Sweeping-How’s It Work?

Sweeper trucks proceed down streets and through parking lots to remove trash, garbage and debris. This allows for safer driving, better public health, a better environment, and it just looks better!

At All Care Sweeping, We believe that pavement sweeping is of the utmost importance! Street sweepers are absolutely effective in parking lots, parking garages, neighborhoods or the road-anywhere there is a paved surface. Our commitment to keep the area where you live or work cleaner has many benefits. Contact All Care Sweeping today to learn more about the benefits of pavement sweeping!