All Care Services Featured In North American Sweeper Magazine

All Care Services Featured In North American Sweeper Magazine

Based in Kansas City, KS, All Care Services has been cleaning retail parking lots, streets, and construction sites, and more in the Kansas City Metropolitan area for over 23 years since 1999. As such, they are the only North American Sweeping Association (NAPSA) Certified power sweeping company in Kansas. They are also partnered with the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREMKC) to care for the holdings of IREMKC partnered property managers.

Kansas’ Most Connected Street Sweeping Company

All Care Services is also a member of the 1-800-Sweeper Nationwide Service Alliance. 1-800-Sweeper is a network of professional street sweeping companies and individual contractor/sweeper-operators cleaning roads and lots in all 52 states. 1-800-Sweeper is actively seeking members, but All Care Services is one of just a few corporate members of the network.

For customers in the Kansas City area, that means, when they call 1-800-Sweeper, they get access to the comprehensive care provided by All Care Services. And of course, All Care Services offers the NAPSA certification quality guarantee to all of its business partners…

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